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Austin Engagement Photo Locations

Top Engagement Photo Locations Around Austin

Looking for engagement photo locations? When it comes to capturing beautiful engagement photos in Austin, Texas, there are tons of stunning locations to choose from. Whether you prefer a natural outdoor setting or a more urban backdrop, Austin offers a diverse range of options that will perfectly showcase your love and excitement.

One popular location for engagement photos is the iconic Lady Bird Lake. With its picturesque trails, lush greenery, and stunning views of the city skyline, this spot provides a serene and romantic setting for your engagement photoshoot.

For couples looking for a more urban vibe, downtown Austin offers plenty of unique photo opportunities. The vibrant street art found throughout the city serves as colorful backdrops that add an artistic touch to your engagement photos.

Another fantastic option is the Texas State Capitol grounds. The majestic architecture of the Capitol building combined with its well-manicured lawns and beautiful gardens create a timeless and elegant backdrop for your engagement photos.

If you’re seeking a more whimsical atmosphere, consider visiting Zilker Botanical Garden. This oasis boasts various themed gardens such as Japanese gardens or rose gardens that provide enchanting settings for capturing intimate moments between you and your partner.

Mount Bonnell is another great option that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the cityscape from above. This elevated spot provides an unforgettable backdrop for engagement photos with its sweeping vistas and natural beauty.

Looking for that urban city vibe but don’t want to be on the streets of downtown. Consider UT campus downtown which offers a beautiful background for your engagement photos. With stunning buildings and beautiful greenery, you can’t go wrong with this location.

Remember to check with your photographer to see if any permits or fees are required for the location you pick. Consider scheduling your shoot during golden hour – the hour before sunset – when the lighting is soft and flattering. Additionally, for my camera-shy couples, look into scheduling your engagement session during a weekday in the evening. Weekdays will likely have fewer people in the area during your photoshoot.

By choosing one of these best engagement photo locations in Austin, you can ensure that your special moments are beautifully captured in a setting that reflects both your love story and the vibrant spirit of this unique city.

View more of my favorite Engagement photo locations in Austin below.

Laguna Gloria

Laguna Gloria is the perfect location for an elegant engagement photo session. The perfectly manicured grounds, the stunning views of Lake Austin, and the historical villa all make for an incredibly romantic backdrop for any engagement shoot. Reservation is required.

laguna gloria austin engagement photos

Brushy Creek Lake Park

If you book your photo session at the Brushy Creek Lake park, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see a few other photoshoots happening here as well and for good reason. It boasts beautiful bluebonnets and flowers in the spring and tall warm grass in the winter. Brushy Creek provides the perfect earthy vibe for your engagement session.

Engagement Photos in Austin Brushy Creek Park
Austin Tx Engagement Photo Locations

Downtown Austin Rooftop

Enjoy the views of Austin with a garage rooftop photo session, one of the perks about having your engagement session on the rooftop is you’re provided a little more privacy than being on the streets but you still get that urban city vibe for your images.

rooftop engagement photographer in austin
Austin rooftoop engagement photoshoot

Bluehole Park

Bluehole in Georgetown Tx is park with beautiful views of limestone and water. Want to add something unique to your images we could even plan for you to get in the water and cool down (not required of course..haha). We could also find a local park around Lake Travis, but lake travis tends to have more of crowd on weekend days.

Bull Creek

Bull Creek is another popular location for engagement photos. It offers a similar vibe to McKinney Falls without being in McKinney Falls.

Bull Creek Austin Engagement Photos
Austin Bull Creek Photoshoot

Downtown Georgetown, Tx

Having your photo session in Georgetown Texas provides a chic and stylish area that’s away from the crowded hustle and bustle of Austin city downtown. It offers charming boutique shops, restaurants and provides that chic downtown vibe. If you’re looking for a city urban vibe for your photos but don’t want the massive crowd Austin downtown can bring, this is the perfect location.

Georgetown Texas Engagement Photographer

Garey House in Georgetown, TX

The Garey House in Georgetown is a popular wedding venue but they also provide the option for photoshoots as well. The venue sits on a beautifully landscaped lawn and offers several stunning areas for the perfect backdrop. You can reserve just the outside grounds for your engagement session or the grounds and the venue inside as well.

Looking for something fun, try your favorite Bar or Restaurant.

We started at Punch Bowl Social for this engagement session. My client wanted a few photos there since this is where they first met. We then walked around the Domain to get a few more shots.

Austin Engagement Photoshoot ideas
Austin Punch Bowl Social photoshoot

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