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Engagement Photos on rooftop in Austin

Engagement Photos At Night Are Such A Vibe | Downtown Austin Rooftop

Austin Engagement photoshoot ideas

Screaming CONGRATULATIONS to this beautiful couple on their Engagement. They wanted the downtown city view in their engagement photos, no better way to achieve that than going to the rooftop. Rooftop photo sessions also provide a lot more privacy for you and your partner because it is rare there will be other people hanging around. You can get a city, urban vibe without dealing with the crowd of strangers that downtown streets bring.

The day before their session I mentioned pushing the start time back a little so the Sun wouldn’t be too bright. I love natural light photography but taking photos during peak sun hours can be challenging so most photographers will always recommend waiting till around sunset for the best lighting.

Of course, weather is always unpredictable, and on the day of their session it was cloudy so didn’t leave us with a lot of light since the clouds were already blocking majority of the sun. I got into the parking garage probably one minute before them, but as they pulled up an attendant put up a cone and blocked off that entrance. They had to spend the next 5-10 mins driving around to try and find an open entrance. Thankfully they succeeded. And even though the sunlight went down quickly, I’m actually grateful it did because when I tell you I am in love with these dusk photos…I AM IN LOVE.

These City lights are perfection and so are these engagement photos!! I can’t wait to capture their wedding day photos in a few months. If you’re looking for engagement photos reach out to me and let’s start planning your special day and capturing your beautiful moment. You can view my engagement session details here.

Austin Couples Engagement Photographer
Austin Couples Engagement Photographer
Sunset photoshoot in Austin Tx
Austin skyline sunset photoshoot

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