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photoshoot outfit ideas for women

Austin Engagement Photos: What to Wear & Bring Photo Session Guide

Hi, I’m Lena. I am an engagement photographer in the Austin Texas area.

Looking for advice on what to wear for your Engagement Photos?

Your engagement photo shoot is an exciting and memorable occasion. Choosing the right outfit can make a significant difference in the final outcome of your photos. Whether you prefer a casual, romantic, or formal style. This guide on what to wear will provide some helpful tips and ideas for selecting the perfect outfit for your engagement photos.

Even if you’re not having your engagement photo session in Austin Texas, this guide will still be helpful in preparing you for engagement photos wherever they take place.

Embrace Your Personal Style:

Your engagement photos should reflect your unique personalities and relationship. Choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident, while staying true to your personal style. Whether you prefer a bohemian, vintage, modern, or classic look, wear clothes that reflect your individuality.

Dress For The Season & Location:

Consider the location of your photo session when deciding what to wear. If you’re planning a beach or outdoor shoot, flowy dresses, linen outfits, or casual attire can create a relaxed and romantic vibe. For urban or cityscapes, sleek and sophisticated outfits with tailored pieces can enhance the elegance of the surroundings. If your session is outdoors be sure to wear clothes that you will be comfortable in during the hot summers or the colder winter months. Im in Austin, so its hot most of the time, nothing is worse than your outfit showing sweat. We all sweat in this Texas heat but you don’t want it showing up in your photos. During cooler months you don’t want to be shivering or have bluish, cold skin showing in your photos.

For the Guys:

I know how much you all love to wear your ball caps, but for this one time, try and leave it at home. Wearing this kind of hat can create shadows on your face and make it hard to see your eyes. Then add in facial hair with a cap and basically you’re incognito and we can barely see your face at all. 

Be careful with stripes, patterns and ribbed clothing:

Try to avoid wearing small stripes or ribbed clothing this can give off a weird effect called moiré that you wont want in your images. If this happens there isn’t much your photographer can do to edit it out.

Large bold patterns can often dominate the photograph and distract the attention from the you. Flannels or a light floral print are great when they complement the location. But less is definitely more with this one, try to limit yourself to one pattern at a time. Matching patterns is a tricky task, and it’s super difficult to do well.

Outfit Colors:

When planning your outfits, consider wearing coordinating colors rather than matching perfectly. Opt for complementary colors or shades that work well together. If you’re planning on using these photos for your save the dates or wedding announcement plan according to your wedding style and design to be sure everything flows aesthetically. You can never go wrong with neutral tones, soft pastels, or muted shades. These tones can create a harmonious and timeless look in almost any environment. Avoid loud patterns or bright colors that may distract from your connection and overall aesthetic.

engagement photo outfit ideas

Timeless vs. Trendy:

While it’s fun to incorporate current fashion trends into your engagement shoot, keep in mind that these photos will be cherished for years to come. Choosing timeless outfits will ensure your images remain timeless and won’t appear dated over time.

Consider Multiple Outfits:

To add variety to your engagement photos, consider adding time to your session to change outfits during the shoot. Having a mix of casual and formal attire can provide a range of looks and moods. For instance, you might start with a more casual and relaxed outfit, such as jeans and a cute top, and then transition into a dressier ensemble for a more formal and romantic feel.

Accessorize Wisely:

Accessories can elevate your outfits and add personality to your engagement photos. Consider incorporating statement jewelry, scarves, hats, or belts that enhance your overall look without overpowering it. Ensure the accessories you wear complement your attire and don’t distract from your connection with your partner.

Comfort is Key:

Remember, feeling comfortable in your outfits will radiate confidence in your photos. Avoid clothing that restricts movement or requires constant adjustments. Wear fabrics that breathe well and allow you to move freely, ensuring you can focus on enjoying the moment rather than being distracted by discomfort.

Props: the fun stuff

Props don’t have to scream ‘PROP!” They can be subtle things like Sunglasses, a book, a denim or leather jacket.

I highly suggest getting on Pinterest and look up photos that inspire you and send them to me. I love seeing inspiration from my clients.

  • champagne or wine and glasses, they even sell custom bottle labels on Etsy
  • A flower arrangement can add the “bridal” touch to some of your images. I recommend ordering from your local flower shop or getting a dried arrangement from Etsy, faux flowers will be pretty obvious in professional images.
  • If you’ve rented a vintage car adding a banner to the back can add to the vintage vibe.
  • You could bring a wood or cute letter board to make your announcement or spell out a cute message in your images
  • For those ring shots you could order a nice ring box from Etsy or Amazon. I also have a few wood ring boxes I could bring as well.

Don’t forget to clean the ring…. we will most definitely get some close up ring shots during and engagement photo session.

Austin engagement photographer

Items to Bring

Sometimes we need a little touch up, below are some items you might consider bringing to your engagement or couples photo session.

  • Hairbrush – Hair has a mind of its own, and sometimes fingers just don’t cut it. A brush or comb can be a lifesaver in terms of wrangling stray hairs and maintaining your look.
  • Extra shoes if you’re planning on wearing heels
  • Hairspray will also help a ton with stray hairs, if you don’t want to bring this with you I strongly suggest spray some before you leave. I never use hairspray either, so I get the hesitation however, when you’re outside in the wind taking photos it truly can be a life saver to help your hair look its best in your photos. 
  • Makeup & Mirror to apply touchups if needed
  • Chapstick to keep lips moisturized, especially in windy or cooler weather
  • Towel/oil blotting sheets will help if its a hot day to remove sweat or excess oil on face, remember to dab, not rub!
  • Hair ties/Bobby pins If you want a quick and easy way to change your look by modifying your hair.
  • Lint brush to remove unwanted lint, Especially on dark clothing
  • Water bottle – photoshoots typically require a lot of movement, keeping yourself refreshed during your session provides energy and can help you relax as well. 
Austin engagement photo outfit ideas

Your engagement photo shoot is a celebration of your love and commitment, and choosing the right outfits will help capture the essence of your relationship. By coordinating colors, embracing your personal style, considering the location, and aiming for timeless looks, you’ll be well-prepared to create stunning and meaningful engagement photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. So, embrace your unique style, relax, and let your love shine through your outfits and into the camera lens.

If you’re looking to capture the celebration of your love with an engagement photo session or couples session in the austin area I would love to chat and discuss your vision more.

Enjoyed this post, Save it for tips and inspiration later

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