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why couples need a photoshoot

Couples Photos & Why They’re Important

why couples need a photoshoot

If you’re anything like me and my husband it’s honestly so rare that we take photos together, and I’m a photographer, go figure. Life is always on the go, it’s just not something we prioritize. However, I am realizing that needs to change.

We have tons of photos with the kids, either with us or them by themselves. But as I go through all my galleries on my phone or memories that come up on social media, I realize very few photos of my husband and I exist.

An honest conversation with my husband the other day… I brought this up and said we have no photos with just the two of us. He looked at our Tv stand and pointed to our wedding picture and said “yes we do look”. Mind you our wedding was almost 10 years ago. Now don’t get me wrong our wedding pictures will always be my favorite but I still believe it’s important to have an intimate session with just your partner to document your love through the years. I’m not saying you need to blast them all over your social media, you can if you choose (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t) but even for those who don’t even use social media it is still just as important for you to have them.

For me, the #1 reason I’m realizing we need to do this more is for our children and their children and so on. We all do it, we get older and we start reminiscing and looking at all the family photos. We gather around and start telling stories of the memory we recall during that time in our lives just from looking at one picture. At some point our kids will be doing this with their kids (if they choose to have them…lol). I want them to be able to see the love and connection between mom and dad and remember the good times they had growing up.

Make it like a date. If you’re anything like we are, we don’t have them as much as we should. Having a photoshoot is a fun way to connect, be affectionate and just enjoy being with each other. Life can be so busy, with or without kids. Taking time out to do a photoshoot can slow things down for the two of you, even if just for a moment. It will be a beautiful memory that not only will you think about but also have pictures to look back on.

A few ideas for an easy couples photoshoot

  • In your own home and have an ice cream party
  • Pick a beautiful park and take a picnic and a blanket
  • Rent an Airbnb for the night and make pizza and have wine (or beer, whatever you’re
  • Walk around town, there are usually so many beautiful settings and different backgrounds just by walking around a downtown area
  • Go back to a meaningful location you haven’t been to in a while

It can be a fun and relaxing vibe, you don’t have to get your makeup done professionally or dress up in black tie, just be yourselves. The whole point is to capture your true love story throughout your years.

So take a moment and have a fun day taking pictures with your partner. Even though I would love to be the one helping to tell your story, it doesn’t have to be with a professional or cost you money. All cell phones these days come with pretty decent cameras. Start capturing your love story so you and all your loved ones have all those beautiful memories of you two and the life you built together.

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