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Engagement Photoshoot ideas

Engagement & Couples Photo Session Ideas

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If you’re looking for engagement or couples photo ideas in Austin, Texas, there are plenty of unique and picturesque locations to choose from. Whether you prefer a cozy coffee shop setting, a vintage car backdrop, or the comfort of your own home, there are endless possibilities to capture beautiful moments with your partner.

Below is a list of Engagement photo ideas. There are so many other things you can do during your engagement photo session so whatever your vision you have for your photos let your photographer know so you two can come up with the perfect plan to capture your memories just the way you envisioned it.

No matter which idea resonates with you most, it’s essential to communicate with your photographer about your vision for the shoot. They will be able to provide guidance on locations within Austin that align with your desired aesthetic and help bring out the best in both of you during this special moment in time. Also keep in mind some of these ideas could require extra costs or permission from the location.

Unique & Fun Engagement Photo Session Ideas


Perfect for those couples who like the minimalist style, the focus is solely on the two of you as it should be.

Modern Engagement Photos Ideas


Calling all coffee lovers, why not have some fun at your favorite coffee shop. I love this idea, probably because I love coffee just as much as I love photography.

Austin Engagement Photographer


Going to a local park is always a client favorite but if you want to add a little more to your engagement photos why not have a mini picnic as well. The idea of having a picnic during your photos can help give you and your partner something else to do to interact with each other.

engagement and couples photoshoot ideas


Did you know you could also use wedding venues or other popular venues for your engagement session. There are so many great options to choose from in the Austin area for example Laguna Gloria or Garey House. Also, if you have your wedding venue booked the majority of the time they will allow you to have your engagement or save the date session there as well.

Laguna Gloria Engagement Photos


Something about being up high and seeing the city is just so spectacular, and don’t forget the beautiful downtown lights you would have in your photos if you chose an evening session. Another positive with this idea is a garage rooftop is it typically provides a little more privacy because hardly anyone just hangs out on a parking garage roof.

Austin Couples & Engagement photo Ideas


This idea can be simple. There is no need to go anywhere fancy to get beautiful and amazing engagement photos. Capture your moments in your home where you two are your most comfortable. Or better yet, make it a whole day with your babe, rent a local Airbnb for the night and have your photo session there. After your session you and your partner can relax and enjoy your evening loving on each other. Something in the Hill Country area would also provide stunning views for your photos.

At home couples photos


I love this idea but it keeps it simple but also fun. Take a stroll in downtown Austin. This setting provides unique backdrops for your engagement photos and is always a fun way to spend the day together.

downtown Austin Engagement Photo session


We’ve all just felt the need to get away for a night with our partner, rent a hotel room and have your photo session at your hotel. The idea of booking a hotel room can offer a unique and stylish vibe to your photos. Not to mention, it’s always romantic to stay the night somewhere besides home with your loved one.

Austin Engagement Photo Ideas


Want to add little adventure or spice to your engagement photos, consider having your photos taken at the lake (or better yet, in the lake).


Nothing sweeter than an Engagement or Couples photoshoot with a vintage car. If you’re lucky enough to own one or can borrow one I highly recommend using it during your session. The photos are just magical. Make it playful with relaxed clothing or dress it up and wear your “rich & famous” attire. A vintage car is also such a vibe for elopement photos.

Engagement Photo Ideas


Another great idea is to just go on date, I’ll be your third wheel of course, but just ignore me..haha! Make a date night out of it and head to your favorite bar or restaurant for your engagement photoshoot. This idea could open some fun and unique places all over Austin.

Engagement Photoshoot ideas


This idea for your engagement or couples photos can be a little messy but oh my does that mess turn into magical moments captured behind the lens. Imagine how exciting and fun a paint session would be with your partner.

Fun couples and engagement photos ideas


Ok, this one can be a little messy too…haha. But still so much fun and romantic. BONUS for this idea…. your car will be spotless when you’re done.

Austin Engagement & Couples Photographer


Visit an arcade and have a playful photo session. The lights at an arcade can create an amazing background for your photos.

Fun Couples & Engagement Photo Ideas in Austin Texas

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Engagement Photo Ideas

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