frequent questions

frequent questions

All payments are made online. For regular sessions and weddings less than 4 hours I require a 45% booking deposit. The remaining balance is due 7 days before session date for regular sessions and 14 days before small wedding session date. 

For weddings longer than 4 hours I require a 40% booking retainer and the remaining balance is due 21 days before your wedding session date. I also provide you with the option to break up your retainer fee into two payments and your final balance payment can be either one, two or three payments. 

I try to share sneak peeks within a few days of your session. Regular sessions are delivered in 3 weeks or less and weddings are 6 weeks or less. Because I limit the sessions I take on I do my best to get your images to you as soon as possible. 

I also provide an add on option when booking to move your gallery up to the front of the line for people who need a quick turnaround. 

I absolutely do! Not only just in Texas but all over the country and I keep my passport ready for any overseas weddings. If you are looking at a destination wedding or you are based somewhere else, reach out and lets discuss a plan that works for us both.

Im not afraid of a little rain or a cloudy day, overcast days are actually my favorite to shoot in. The lighting is absolutely perfect. However if the rain is heavy and would create a shitty time or ruin my camera gear we can absolutely reschedule your session. 

My service does include retouching, most photographers charge extra for this however I pride myself in delivering top notch images. Not only because I understand how important these photos are to you but each image is also a reflection of my art and my brand. When possible I will remove blemishes, fix stray hairs, remove unwanted people, items or trash from backgrounds, smooth out skin, touch up clothing, etc. However, I WILL NOT go in and completely alter your body/face. I understand we can be our worst critics, and if for some reason I captured just a slightly bad angle and your arm looks a little pudgy or looks funny and not natural, I will do my best to fix that but I wont completely change the way you look. Though it truly is my goal to make sure you feel beautiful when looking at your images so I will do as much as possible to remove those minor flaws without compromising who you truly are. 

Editing - is altering an image using basic photo techniques. Such as cropping, straightening, adjusting the temperature, exposure, contrasts, and white balance are considered basic. These are considered minor adjustments. It creates a nice base for the final photo. Editing usually only takes a few minutes for each image because only the obvious imperfections are touched.

Retouching - extends the photo processing beyond the basic photo adjustments. For example, with portrait photos, blemishes are removed, skin may be softened (airbrushed), eye color can be enhanced, enhance makeup, fine tuning on skin tones or shadows. Remove dark areas under eyes, reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, remove unwanted items from background. The list for retouching goes on and on and can vary for each client, image and environment. Retouching is done using professional software such as Photoshop, Elements etc.

I know photoshoots can seem scary, but I will guide you every step of the way. After booking I will send over a guide that discusses what to expect for our session and what to wear and bring.  

The amount of final images you receive depends on the service and package you book. Your booking agreement does have a minimum, however, I typically deliver more than that. These are your memories and I am not going to discard good photos but at the same time you don't need 20 of the same pose. Your gallery will have mixture and I promise you will have plenty of beautiful images to cherish as a keepsake. 

Once I am done editing you will receive a link and password to your personal online gallery. Images will be in full professional resolution. You can download one at a time or the full gallery at once. You can also share your personal gallery with family or friends. 

Most photo sessions are outdoors in a public setting (i.e. downtown, a park, parking garage, school campus). Sessions can also be in the comfort of your own home, we can capture beautiful images in your comfort zone just as well as a public space. 

If you are looking for a session in a private studio that is amazing, I live for the minimalist and clean look of Studio images. However, an additional rental fee for the studio we decide to book would be required. 

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freeze YOUR moment in time


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