Courageous / Visionary / Limitless Thinker / Creative / Dreamer / Curious / Adventure Seeking / Free Spirited / Storyteller

Austin Small Wedding & Engagement Photographer

My method isn't just about snapping pictures at your wedding or engagement party; it's about capturing an emotion. As a storytelling, and documentary photographer, I aim to preserve not just the happenings but the vibes and ambiance of your big day. Each shot is a portal back to that moment—the giggles, the cries, the silent connections. Let's team up to craft a visual story that doesn't just display how your day appeared but conveys how it resonated.

I am here to shine a light on the shadows and capture all of you.

my promise to you

I became a mom for the first time. This was the moment I knew I would never settle and had to strive for greatness!

Me being a mom will always come first however I have also learned that I have to make sure I make time to just be me.  The last few years I have really focused on doing the things I love more.

I started working towards being more creative in the digital and online world. 

I started creating graphics for the company I was working for as well practicing my photo retouching techniques using photoshop. I signed up for a two week photoshop class and since then I've just been perfecting my skill. I love seeing digital art come to life.

Visited the Grand Canyon, and let me tell you, photos are like trying to capture a symphony with a kazoo! So Surreal!

My husband and I love to visit Vegas and this time we decided to rent a car and take a trip to the Grand Canyon. 10/10 recommend this at least once in your lifetime.

Sold our house in Houston and moved to Austin. However, Houston will always be our home.

We dont actually live in the city, we're north of Austin however we do love it out here. Houston will always be my home and go back all the time but we've settled in nicely here and there are no plans to leave anytime soon!

Hit the big 4-0! What a wild rollercoaster life has been. Can't wait to see what adventures are next. Hopefully Europe soon!!

Turning 40 has been such an odd feeling. Some days I feel every bit my age, and other days Im still the same badass woman from my 20s. It's like living in a time warp, and I'm totally here for it!

life through the years

Let's create unforgettable and unique photos that you'll cherish for a lifetime.